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Atala Hairstreak 

Eumaeus atala 

Family: Lycaenidae

Subfamily: Eumaeinae (Hairstreak)

Size: 1 5/8 -2 inches (41-51 mm)

ADULTS are black with blue dots along hindwing margin; orange-red spot on hindwing near orange-red abdomen.

CHRYSALIDS are rusty brown and usually can be found on its host plant hanging in clusters. The adults roost in colonies under the canopy of trees.hammocks and adjacent open areas where coontie grows.

EGGS are laid in clusters on tender fronds of the host plant. The eggs are whitish, hard and flat.

CATERPILLARS are brilliant red with two rows of yellow spots along the back. The caterpillars feed in groups.

Flight: All year. More abundant in early summer.Range: Southeast Florida-Palm Beach County to Dade County, Florida Keys, Bahamas, Cuba and Cayman Brac.

HOST PLANT: Cycads, Coontie Zamia pumila (Z. floridana, Z. integrifolia,Z. angustifolia, Z. silvicola, Z. umbrosa)

Habitat: Shaded, subtropical hardwood hammocks and adjacent open areas where coontie grows

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